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On this page you will find things that should get you to stap and think about life. Hopefully you will come across a new way of looking at some things. There will be items that help you remember those things you just forget to think about. Have fun!

1. Whey you throw mud at someone, remember you are the one who is losing ground.
2. Life is fragile; handle it with prayer.
3. Be patient with the faults of other; they have had to be patient with yours!
4. God can mend a broken heart, but we have to give Him all the pieces.
5. God has not called us to see through each other, but to see each other through.
6. Reputation is what people think you are; character is what you really are.
7. The important thing in this life is not your position - it's your disposition.
8. It's all right to have an open mind when you know what to let in.
9. The heart of the problem is usually a problem of the heart.
10. May you never miss a rainbow or sunset because you are looking down.
11. Blowing out another person's candle won't make yours any brighter.
12. It is easy to make a mountain out of a mole hill. All you do is add dirt.
13. Choice, not chance, determines destiny.
14. Learn to speak kind words - nobody resnets them. MBR> 15. It's your attitude not your aptitude that determines your altitude.
16. Few people get dizzy from doing good turns.
17. Love is strengthened by working through conflicts together.
18. Love means nothing in tennis, but it's everything in life.
19. A friend is the first person who comes in when the whole world has gone out.
20. Doctors say that cheerful people resist disease better than gloomy people.
21. Words break no bones, but they do break hearts.
22. A hug is a great gift - one size fits all, and it's easy to exchange.
23. It is easier to leave angry words unspoken than to mend a heart these words have broken.
24. Form good habits, they're as hard to break as bad ones.
25. If you are reluctant to ask the way, you will be lost.
26. Some people never make a mistake, nor do they ever make anything else.
27. A lot of kneeling will keep you in good standing with God.
28. When one's temper gets the best of him it reveals the worst of him.
29. A clear conscience can only be destroyed by its owner.
30. Do right and leave the results to God.
31. If you find a path with no obstacles it probably doesn't lead anywhere.
32. One is often sorry for saying a harsh word, but will never regret saying a kind one.
33. No door is too difficult for the key of love to open.
34. Staying calm is the best way to take the wind out of an angry person's sails.
35. Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects.
36. What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.
37. We are never more dus contented with others than when we are discontented with ourselves.
38. Every time you win an argument, you lose a friend.
39. Cherish your yesterdays;dream your tomorrows; but life your todays.
40. If anyone speaks badly of you, live so none will believe it.
41. It is a special person who takes delight in the good fortune of another person.
42. A man's character is like a fence - it cannot be strenghtened by whitewash.
43. The secret of happy living is not to do what you like but to like what you do.
44. Treat arguments like weeds...nip them in the bud.
45. Duty makes us do things well, but love makes us do them beautifully.
46. When you get to the end of your rope, tie a know in it, and hang on.
47. If you clutter up your mind with little things, will there be any room left for the big things?
48. Happiness is not a station we arrive at, but a manner of traveling.
49. Past experience should be a guidepost, not a hitching post.
50. If you want to leave footprints in the sands of time, don't drag your feet.
51. Creativity makes the ordinary extraordinary.
52. Real friends can lead you up to the stars; so-called friends, down to the depths.
53. Listen first while you hold your tongue and your temper.
54. To endure the fire when others would flee is a sign of maturity.
55. Christian fellowship casts out loneliness.
56. Sometimes just hearing "I Understand" is a perscription for cheerfulness.
57. Patience means never giving up-even when everyone else says you should.
58. Facts without truth are like a building without a foundation.
59. The voice of conscience can never be completely silenced.
60. Counterfeit truth is worth even less than counterfeit money.
61. Your reputation is what people think you are. Character is what God knows you are and will become.
62. Gentle words fall lightly but they have great weight.
63. Mistakes are not failures but lessons we need never learn again.
64. Selfishness fools you into believing that you have nothing and deserve everything.
65. Swallowing your pride occasionally will never give you indigestion.
66. Every time we turn green with envy we are ripe for trouble.
67. Learn from the mistakes of others you can never live long enough to make them all yourself.
68. Happiness is a thing to be practiced like a violin.
69. Before you flare up at any one's faults, take time to count ten -- ten of your own.
70. Do not judge your friend until you stand in his place.
71. Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
72. We are never more discontented with others than when we are discontented with ourselves.
73. A mistake is evidence that someone has tried to do something.
74. Christian character is not an inheritance: each individual must build it for himself.
75. Are you trying to make something for yourself or something of yourself?
76. Love begins when another person's needs become more important than your own.
77. Worry is the interest you pay on trouble before it comes.
78. A measure of a man's real character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out.
79. If we build more windows and fewer walls we will have more friends.
80. Tell me what company you keep and I'll tell you who you are.
81. Life is 10 percent what you make it and 90 percent how you take it.
82. I can alter my life by altering my attitude.
83. You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips.
84. The kindly word that falls today may bear its fruit tomorrow.
85. Why worry about things you can't control when you can keep yourself busy controlling the things that depend on you.
86. Life is easier than you think. All you have to do is accept the impossible, do without the indispensable, and bear the intolerable.
87. Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it.
88. Wisdom consists in knowing what to do with what you know.
89. Sympathy is never wasted except when you give it to yourself.
90. The secret of contentment is knowing how to enjoy what you have and being able to lose all desire for things beyond your reach.
91. The door to the human heart can be opened only from the inside.
92. That load becomes light which is cheerfully borne. 93. Do you see difficulties in every oppurtunity, or oppurtunities in every difficulty?
94. To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.
95. Always speak the truth and you'll never be concerned with your memory.
96. Success in marriage is much more than finding the right person' it is a matter of being the right person.
97. Let us be the first to give a friendly sign, to nod first, smile first, speak first, and if such a thing is necessary forgive first.
98. My part is to improve the present moment.
99. The only ideas that will work for you are the ones you put to work.
100. A contented person enjoys the scenery on a detour.
101. To have a well rounded character you muse be square in all you dealings.
102. Experience is the best teacher because everyone gets individual instruction.
103. There are two things we should never complain about: one, what we can't help and the other, what we can help.
104. Conceit is what makes a little squirt think he's a fountain of knowledge.
105. Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have.
106. Seeds of discouragement will not grow in the thankful heart.
107. Some people have such a poor sense of direction they get lost in thought.
108. We really don't mind the little half-truths, but it's the half-wrongs we're told that are annoying.
109. If you stop to think don't forget to get started again.
110. He who plants thorns must never expect to gather roses.
111. We would be more grateful if we knew how much of what we take for granted is planned by God.
112. In the presence of trouble, some people grow wings; others buy crutches.
113. A man is never in worse company than when he flies into a rage and is beside himself.
114. There is nothing so small that it can't be blown out of propertion.
115. Lying is dangerous for one lie must be thatched with another or it will soon rain throught.
116. Take comfort in the fact that many problems do not esxist except in your imagination.
117. Making a living and making a life worth living are so often not the same.
118. Your great ideas won't work unless you do.
119. The trouble with some self-made people is that they worship their creator.
120. God won't send us where he is unable to sustain us!
121. What's true of biology is also true of faith: if it isn't growing, it's probably dead.
122. He who seeks a friend without a fault remains without one.
123. Friendship is a cozy shelter from life's rainy days.
124. Learn to say kind things nobody ever resents them.
125. If I feed my faith, my fears will starve to death.

126. IT is a great thing to do little things well.
127. Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and discover they were the big things.
128. Words cut more than swords.
129. Empathy is your pain in my heart.
130. Housework is something you do that nobody notices unless you don't do it
131. To love is to admire with the heart.
132. If we fill our hours with regrets of yesterday and with the worries of tomorrow, we have no today in which to be thankful.
133. Faith is not a sense, nor sight, nor reason, but a taking God at His Word.
134. It is easier to leave angry words unspoken than to mend a heart those words have broken.
135. The secret of happy living is not to do what you like but to like what you do.
136 Fear knocked at the door. Faith opened it to find no one there.
137. Each man can interpret another's experience only by his own.
138. Timely good deeds are nicer than afterthoughts.
139. The smallest good deed is better than the grandest intention.
140. A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small package.
141. Love your enemies: they'll go crazy trying to figure out what you're up to.
142. You will never win if you never begin.
143. There is nothing wrong with having nothing to say unless you insist on saying it.
144. Grumbling is the death of love.
145. Cold feet are usually the result of burnt fingers.
146. Criticism wouldn't be so hard to take if it weren't so often right.
147. Don't treat every situation as a "life" and "death" matter or you'll die a lot of times.
148. Good thoughts bear good fruit, bad thoughts bear bad fruit - and man is his own gardener.
149. Some people are like buttons on a shirt - always popping off.
150. To say the right thing at the right time, keep still most of the time.
151. Some people make the world more special just by being in it.
152. Appreciation is like salt - a little goes a long way to bring out the best in us.
153. No one can go back and make a brand new start, but anyone can start from here and make a brand new end.
154. Love looks not with the eye but with the heart.
155. Words break no bones, but they do break hearts.
156. Digging for facts is much better exercise than jumping to conclusions.
157. Don't be shy to ask for help. We all need to be needed. Help a friend feel needed.
158. Between tomorrow's dream and yesterday's regret is today's oppurtunity.
159. Learning to count is not as important as learning what counts.
160. Foolish mistakes are made by others; "unavoidable errors" are what we make.
161. A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.
162. Truth is something that must be known in the mind, accepted in the heart, and enacted in life.
163. You have to know the ropes in order to pull the strings.
164. True patience means waiting without worrying.
165. It's too bad that rusty brains don't squeak.
166. There is no better exercise for strengthening the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.
167. Growing old is no more than a bad habit which a busy person has no time to form.
168. Marriage is a union in which joys are multiplied and troubles divided.
169. It is just as hard to live with a person you love as it is to love the person you live with.
170. Love rules without a sword, love binds without a cord.
171. It is better to understand a little than to misunderstand a lot.
172. A little thing is a little thing, but faithfulness in little things is a great thing.
173. Getting the facts is only half the job. The other half is to use them wisely.
174. Only He who can see the invisible can do the impossible.
175. We have committed the Golden Rule to memory; let us now commit it to life.
176. You can't get anywhere unless you start.
177. Love is the only thing that can be divided without being diminished.
178. When we are tired we are attacked by thoughts that we conquerred long ago.
179. You can;t help a person uphill without getting closer to the top yourself.
180. Yesterday is like a cancelled check. Tomorrow is a promissory not. Today is like ready cash. Use it wisely, for today is the most precious possession you can have.
181. The only thing in life achieved without effort is failure.
182. Every accomplishment, great or small, starts with "I'll try."
183. The straight and narrow path has no traffic problems.
184. Sometimes you can make a more effective statement by holding your tongue.
185. People need love, especially when they don't deserve it.
186. Love cannot be wasted. It makes no difference where it is bestowed; it always brings in big returns.
187. Soft-hearted instead of hard-headed that's what love is about.
188. It is easy to praise when things go right; but it is more precious to praise when things go wrong.
189. Getting me into hot water is often God's way of keeping me clean.
190. Learn to say kind thing nobody ever resents them.
191. There is a vast difference between putting your nose in other people's business and putting your heart in other people's problems.
192. Few of us get dizzy from doing too many good turns.
193. In taking revenge, a man is equal to his enemy; in passing over it, he is superior.
194. If you have accomplished all that you planned for your life, you have not planned enough.
195. If I feed my faith, my fears will starve to death.
196. Whatever your past has been, you still have a spotless future.
197. A real friend is one who helps us to think our best thoughts, do our noblest deeds, and be our finest selves.
198. To have what we want is riches; but to be able to do without is power.
199. Start some kind words on their travels who knows where the good it will do may stop?
200. Life is a grindstone. But whether it grinds us down or polishes us up depends on what we are made of.
201. One cannot change the past, but one can ruin the present by worrying over the future.
202. Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.
203. Speak kind words and you will hear kind echoes.
204. An admission of error is a sign of strength rather than a weakness.
205. He who accepts evil withou protesting against it is really cooperating with it.
206. It doesn't take a lot of muscle to give the heart a lift.
207. Let us realize that what happens around us is largely outside our control, but that the way we choose to react to it is inside our control.
208. There's nothing wrong with being a self-made man if you don't consider the job finished too soon.
209. Be careful of your thoughts they may become words at any time.
210. Some people spend more time looking in books for answers, instead of their hearts.
211. I would rather be able to appreciate things I cannot have than to have things I am not able to appreciate.
212. He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.
213. The price of your hat isn't the measure of your brain.
214. Frustration is not having anyone to blame but yourself.
215. The highest reward for a man's toil is not what he gets for it, but rather what he becomes by it.
216. The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.
217. Friends are made by many acts and lost by only one.
218. He who would have nothing to do with thorns must never attempt to gather roses.
219. Every story has three sides: yours, mine, and the facts.
220. Don't make yourself a mouse or the cat will eat you.
221. Take time to be friendly it is the road to happiness.
222. It often shows a fine command of language to say nothing.
223. God never closes one door without opening another.
224. The greatest calamity is not to have failed, but to have failed to try.
225. The secret of patience is doing something else in the meanwhile.
226. I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something; and what I should do and can do, by the grace of God I will do.
227. Wise men are not always silent, but know when to be.
228. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched but are felt in the heart.
229. Be careful how you live: you may be the only Bible some people will ever read.
230. There is no place to hide a sin, without the conscience looking in!
231. If we fill our hours with regrets over the failures of yesterday and with worries over the problems of tomorrow we have no today in which to be thankful.
232. What you can do or dream you can, begin it; courage has genius, power, and magic in it.
233. The fellow who worries about what people think of him wouldn't worry so much if he only knew how seldom they do.
234. You can't get anywhere today if you are still mired down in yesterday.
235. The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice you give others.
236. We can do anything we want if we stick to it long enough.
237. Prayer should be the key of the day and the lock of the night.
238. The glory of life is to love, not to be loved; to give, not to get; to serve, not to be served.
239. He who has learned to disagree without being disagreeable has discovered the most valuable secret of a diplomat.
240. A freind is one who comes to you when all other leave.
241. You are not a reservoir with a limited amount of resources; you are a channel attached to unlimited divine resources.
242. The more difficult the abstacle, the stronger one becomes after hurdling it.
243. To see God in everything makes life the greatest adventure there is.
244. Some people give and forgive; others get and forget.
245. Absence of occupation is not rest; a mind quite vacant is a mind distressed.
246. The longer you keep your temper the more it will improve.
247. A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.
248. If there is no way out there is a way up.
249. Everything comes to those who wait, if they work while they wait.
250. Sorrow look back. Worry looks around. Faith looks up.

251. No matter how long you nurse a grudge, it won't get better.
252. Prayer is kind of like calling home every day.
253. You can't turn back the clock, but you can wind it up again.
254. Laughter is like changing a baby's diaper-it doesn;t permanently solve any problems, but it make things more acceptable for a while.
255. When your dreams turn to dust-vacuum!
256. Gratitude takes three forms: a feeling in the heart, an expression in words, and giving in return.
257. The nice part about living in a small town is when I don't know what I am doing someone else does.
258. You can always return to a friend, like going back to a special place and finding the same warm feeling, untouched by time and distance.
259. Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.
260. God will accept a broken heart, but He must have all the pieces.
261. There's nothing wrong with having nothing to say, as long as you don't say it out loud.
262. Worry is like a rocking chair, it will give you something to do, but it won't get you anywhere.
263. The people who tell you never to let little things worry you have never tried sleeping in the same room with a mosquito.
264. Age is like love-it cannot be hidden.
265. Truth does not depend on a consensus of opinion.
266. Success consists of getting up just one more time than you've fallen down.
267. The most important things in your home are people.
268. If you grasp tomorrow with faith, you know the handle won't fall off.
269. Some things can be inherited, but good reputations, trust, respect, and wages must all be earned.
270. Some days you're the bug; some days, the windshield!
271. Life is easier than you think-all you have to do is this: Accept the impossible, do without the indispensable, bear the intolerable, and be able to smile at anything.
272. Being different isn't the same as making a difference.
273. If it's free, it's advice; if you pay for it, it's counseling; if you can use either one, it's a miracle.
274. The three grand essentials of happiness are: Something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for.
275. If you're headed in the wrong direction, God allows U-turns.
276. I finally got my head together, and my body fell apart.
277. I know things are tough right now, but just remember, every flower that ever bloomed had to go through a whole lot of dirt to get there.
278. The Lord gave us two ends-one to sit on and the other to think with. Success depends on which one we use the most.
279. As you get older it's best to do things when you think of them, or you might forget.
280. God put you on earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind I will never die.
281. A keen sense of humor helps us to overlook the unbecoming, understand the unconventional, tolerate the unpleasant, overcome the unexpected, and outlast the unbearable.
282. Joy is not the absence of suffering, but the presence of God.
283. The wind of anger blows out the lamp of intelligence.
284. A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains.
285. My mind not only wanders, sometimes it leaves completely.
286. At day's end, I turn all my problems over to God-He's going to be up anyway.
287. All that is worth cherishing in this world begins in the heart, not in the head.
288. A good friend puts up with your worst moods, goes along with your worst ideas, and always sees the best in you.
289. Progress always involves risks. You can't steal second base and keep your foot on first.
290. I used to have a handle on life, but then it fell off.
291. Without Jesus we face a hopeless end. But with Jesus we have an endless hope.
292. Troubles come to pass; they do not come to stay.
293. Worry: The senseless process of using today to clutter up tomorrow's oppurtunities with leftover problems from yesterday.
294. Too many people tell the same story to the same people too many times.
295. Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.
296. Even if it burns a little low at times, the secret of life is to always keep the flame of hope alive.
297. When you share your joy with others, you double each smile and each laugh; when you share your pain and sorrow, each tear is divided in half.
298. The best way to forget all your troubles is to wear tight shoes.
299. The only condition for loving is to love without conditions.
300. Nothing is as hard to do gracefully as getting down off your high horse.
301. A lof of people get throught thinking before they get through thinking things through.
302. It's not the load that brings you down, it's the way you carry it.
303. Frogs have it easy; they can eat what bugs them.
304. A friend is one who strengthens you with prayer, blesses you with love, and encourages you with hope.
305. Faith doesn"t panic.
306. It's frustrating when you know all the answers, but nobody bother to ask you the questions.
307. Confidence is what you have when you don't really understand the situation.
308. The present is what slips by us while we're pondering the past and worrying about the future.
309. The human tongue is only a few inches away from the brain, but when you listen to some people talkm the two seem miles apart.
310. God will never lead you where His grace cannot keep you.
311. I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person
312. Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday, and all is well.
313. When things are bad, we take comfort in the thought that they could always be worse. And when they are, we find hope in the thought that things are so bad they have to get better.
314. Noah didn't wait for his ship to come in_he built one!
315. Most people are willing to change, not because they see the light, but because they feel the heat.
316. Whoever thinks he is too important for small tasks is probably too small for important ones.
317. Hardships color all of life, but you choose the color. Color it bright.
318. It is not doing the thing we like to do, but liking the thing we have to do, that makes life blessed.
319. Time flies, but remember, you're the navigator.
320. Think all you speak, but speak not all you think.
321. Habit is either the best of servants or the worst of masters.
322. Life is hard, by the yard; but by the inch, life's a cinch.
323. How men treat us will make little difference when we know we have God's approval.
324. Nothing will be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.
325. The paradox of friendship is that it is both the strongest thing in the world and the most fragile.
326. A minute of thought is worth more than an hour of talk.
327. Waste of time is the most extravagant and costly of all expenses.
328. What is often considered a loss now, leads to a later gain.
329. Who you see in your imagination will always rule your world.
330. To have no more dreams is to rob life of its meaning.
331. We are all faced with a series of great oppurtunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.
332. If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.
333. Swallowing your pride occasionally will never give you indigestion.
334. Optimism is a cheerful frame of mind that enables a tea kettle to sing though in hot water up to its nose.
335. When a man points a finger at someone else, he should remember that three of his fingers are pointig at himself.
336. Disagreement should not destroy common courtesy.
337. Our work is a revealing display of our character.
338. Anybody with money to burn will easily find someone to tend the fire.
339. An admision of error is a sign of strength rather than a confession of weakness.
340. Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.
341. The best vision is insight.
342. If you are willing to admit you are wrong when your're wrong, you're all right.
343. An idea is a fragile thing. Turning it off is much easier than keeping it lit.
344. Don't hurry, don't worry; do your best, leave the rest.
345. Spiders, snakes, bats, and negative people do one thing: they give people the creeps!
346. Our speech is the mirror of our mind.
347. Envy eats nothing but its own heart.
348. He tried to be somebody by trying to be like everybody; which makes him a nobody.
349. People are judged not on the basis of what they have done, but on the basis of what they are preceived to have done.
350. Regret is an appalling waste of energy; you can't build on it; it is only good for wallowing in.
351. Doing nothing is the most tiresome job in the world because you cannot quit and rest.
352. One plus one equals survival.
353. It is in the little things that we prove ourselves capable of the big things.
354. Love talked about can easily be turned aside, but love demonstrated is irrestistible.
355. You won't know where you're going if you are always looking back.
356. Truth and discernment are the banks between which love must flow.
357. Exhilaration is that feeling you get just after a great idea hits you, and just before you realize what's wrong with it.
358. Only one who doubts his own value overestimates the worth of others.
359. Friendship is to people what sunshine is to flowers.
360. Wouldn't it be wonderful if, when we lost our temper, we couldn't ever find it again?
361. Sometimes it takes as much courage not to do a thing as to do it.
362. It isn't our position but our disposition that makes us happy
363. What we leave behind in our lives may help someone else find the way.
364. The problem with advice is that the person who is giving it doesn't have the problem.
365. He who is slowest in making a promise is most faithful in its performance.
366. It's not what you are that holds you back, it's what you think you are not.
367. Determination is at the heart of any great achievement.
368. The aim of education is to teach us how to think, not what to think.
369. Sow an act and you reap a habit. Sow a habit and youreap a character. Sow a character and you reap a destiny.
370. Be open minded, but not so open minded your brains fall out.
371. Making waves almost never turns the tide.
372. Silence is often misinterpreted, but never misquoted.
373. Don't miss the beautiful colors of the rainbow while you're looking for the pot of gold at the end of it.
374. What we need is more milk of human kindness in the cream of society.
375. The right temperature in the home is maintained by warm hearts, not by hot heads.

376. The tongue is a small organ that creates either discord or harmony.
377. To make the most of today, keep eternity in mind.
378. There are three possible answers to prayer: yes, no, or wait.
379. He who conquers his anger conquers a strong enemy.
380. Little sins can add up to big trouble.
381. To look up is not enough-we must climb up.
382. The storms of our life prove the strength of our anchor.
383. Don't try to do everything-do only what God wants you to do.
384. The one who refuses to hear criticism has no chance to learn from it.
385. We add to our problems when we fail to count our blessings.
386. Instead of focusing on a person's past, Look at how far he's come.
387. Our greatest enemy is not disease, but despair.
388. Real love expects nothing in return.
389. The way to be anxious about nothing is to be prayerful about everything.
390. A changed life is the result of a changed heart.
391. Many people are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.
392. Worry is interest paid on trouble before it comes due.
393. Problems are oppurtunities to discover God's solutions.
394. A clear conscience, like a soft pillow, helps you wleep well.
395. Sins are like weeds in a garden; keep them out or they will take over.
396. A careless word may kindle strife, A cruel word may wreck a life; A timely word may lessen stress; A loving word may heal and bless.
397. God works through us to meet the needs of those around us.
398. God speaks to our heart and mind in many different ways.
399. Love increases as we give it away.
400. The time to make friends is before you need them.
401. God takes us into his darkroom to develop our character.
402. Our words have the power to build up or tear down.
403. Not what we know but what we do with it counts.
404. God judges us by the spirit in our heart not by how we behave.
405. God gives us strength to meet changed circumstances.
406. Live today as you will wish you had lived when you stand before God.
407. When you can't sleep, don't count sheep, talk to the shepherd.
408. After all is said and done, more is said than done.
409. Some of life's greatest lessons are learned in the school of affliction.
410. One who has a true christian spirit takes no delight in the faults of others.
411. When you sing your own praise you are always out of tune.
412. All work and no play will take the joy of life away.
413. Listening may be the most loving thing you do today.
414. God chooses what we go through; we choose how we go through it.
415. There is one thing the christian gives and still must keep-his word.
416. To live in the past is to miss today's oppurtunities and tomorrow's blessings.
417. The secret of coping is hoping in God.
418. No one is so good that he can save himself; No one is so bad that God cannot save him.
419. When we put our cares in God's hands He puts His peace in our hearts.
420. Unless Christ is the center of interest, life will be out of focus.
421. The better we know ourselves, the less we will criticize others.
422.. Some people have a one-track mind and very little traffic on it.
423. Some people with open minds let the wrong kind of stuff get in.
424. That which the mind conceives, that also must the mind control.
425. The great majority of people exist but do not live.
426. The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.
427. The hardest frost can't touch a really Sunny disposition.
428. The school of experience has very few holidays.
429. The straight and narrow path is the only one which does not seem to have a traffic problem.
430. The wise will make more opportunities than they find.
431. To err is human, to forgive divine.
432. Truth is the only thing that cannot be improved upon.
433. We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.
434. When you aim at nothing you will seldom miss the target.
435. When you meet temptation, turn to the right.
436. You've got to keep going to get anywhere.
437. If it is not right, do not do it, if it is not true, do not say it.
438. If someone is worth knowing at all, they are worth knowing well.
439. If you can't be a sun, don't be a cloud.
440. If you think you can - you can.
441. If you want to be original, be yourself-no two people are alike.
442. Innocence shall make false accusation blush.
443. It is a wise man that has his afterthoughts first.
444. It often needs an open mind to keep one's mouth shut.
445. It would be a better world if we spared for others a little of the sympathy we have for ourselves.
446. It's what we learn after we think we know it all that counts.
447. Its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.
448. Keep your face towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you.
449. Kindle not a fire that you cannot extinguish.
450. Knowledge of thyself will preserve thee from vanity.
451. Love doesn't make the world go round, love is what makes the ride worthwhile.
452. Love makes hard hearts gentle.
453. Never try to appear what you are not.
454. No one is a failure who is enjoying life.
455. Patience is a good servant whom all recommend, but few like to employ.
456. People can take everything away from you except memories.
457. People do not lack strength, they lack will.
458. People who are always full of themselves ought to diet.
459. Plant the garden of your life with friendship's lovely flowers.
460. Show you care - and others will care for you.
461. A good name is better than riches.
462. A house is not a home.
463. A lie is like a snowball; the farther you roll it, the bigger it becomes.
464. A little explained, a little endured a little forgiven, a quarrel is cured.
465. A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience.
466. A soft answer turns away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger.
467. A tree is known by its fruits -not by its roots.
468. A willing helper does not wait to be called.
469. Ability is the power of applying knowledge to practical purposes.
470. Age is in the mind, not in the calendar.
471. All things work together for good.
472. Anger is often more hurtful than the injury that caused it.
473. Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a Daddy.
474. Anything scarce is valuable; praise, for example.
475. Before we set our hearts upon anything let us examine how happy those are who already possess it.
476. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.
477. Conceit may puff a man up but never prop him up.
478. Divine love always has met, and always will meet, every human need.
479. Do not walk through time without leaving evidence of your passage.
480. Don't ever slam a door; you might want to go back.
481. Don't wait until your ship comes Row out to meet it.
482. Glass, china and reputation are easily cracked, but never well mended
483. Happiness is a way of seeing good in everything and everybody.
484. Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts.
485. Have the courage to live; anyone can die.
486. He that is good at making excuses is seldom good at anything else.
487. Laugh a little-sing a little as you go your way! Work a little-play a little, do this every day.
488. As rain restores the earth, hope restores the spirit.
489. Anger is one letter short of danger.
490. Circumstances are like a feather bed; comfortable if you are on top, but smothering if you are underneath.
491. Some people are so pushy they can follow you through a revolving door and come out first.
492. Every time you turn green with envy you are ripe for trouble.
493. Patience is the best remedy for most trouble.
494. Anger makes your mouth work faster than your mind.
495. A house is not a home unless it provides food and warmth for the soul as well as for the body.
496. There is no right way to do the wrong thing.
497. Remember in the dark what God has told you in the light.
498. If you must doubt, doubt your doubts not your beliefs.
499. Friendship is a coxy shelter from life's rainy days.
500. He who finds no fault in himself needs a second opiinion.

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