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Marian Jones

Always with me, every day,
From Your loving care I try not to stray.
Wherever I am, You will always be
Protecting and watching over me.

When life gets tough and the goings hard,
You'll be by my side,
Giving me strength to carry on;
Forever my tender Guide.

I often wonder if I deserve
All the love that You give to me.
Then, I remember You gave up your Son
In order for all to be free.

One day, I'll have the answer
As to whether I passed the test.
For now, I can only say,
"I've always tried to do my best."

There are times when my faith has weakened,
Times I've lost the way.
But, then, I recall the promise You made.
You'll be with me every day.

So, when I come to my journey's end
And meet You face to face,
I hope You will smile on me
And say I have earned a place.