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Author Unknown

Some folk enjoy talking about trouble,
and insults, and burdens, and pain;
They talk about losses and crosses,
but seldom of sunshine and gain.
Their troubles they list without number
but blessings, if ever, are told;
No wonder they bog down in spirit,
and grow sad before they grow old.

Sure I could join them in sadness,
for sorrow has oft come to me;
I could tell all my blights and my blunders,
and heartache that folks cannot see.
But would this make our world any brighter?
Wouldn't I lend to its sorrow and care?
Why then scatter gloom in this dark world,
When God has sunbeams to spare?

No, I won't join the ranks of complainers,
for God's been too good to me;
I refuse to find fault with His leadings;
I refuse to weep on bitterly.
I want to be grateful and humble,
and ever His sweet praises sing;
I want to enjoy every moment the victory
that Christ came to bring!