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Cindy Peebles


We go through many seasons
in this life that God has given.
The seasons I'm referring to
are daily acts of living

There are seasons of commitment
and seasons to be still.
There are seasons just for God to see
if we obey His will.
There are seasons of temptation
and seasons just to rest.
Seasons to reflect upon
how richly we've been blessed.

The Bible says to count it all
as blessings from above.
To simply have the faith you need
and rest in His sweet love.

Many trials and frustrations
when we simply do our best.
In these seasons all the world will watch
how we endure these test.

We have seasons when we welcome life.
Seasons to greive loss.
Seasons living fancy free
and seasons to count costs.
There are seasons of many friendships,
and seasons lost at sea.
There are seasons when we must press on,
fall on our knees and plea.
Many seasons of confusion,
of doubt and bitter pain.
Some seasons we take comfort in
just the mention of His name.

God allows the seasons in
our lives of drought and rain.
Somethings blossom, somethings die,
But God remains the same.

So as we go through seasons in
this earthly life we're living,
stop and see the splendor in
the seasons you've been given.