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Janice Stanci

I wonder why when we talk of love very few listen
And when we talk of hate we have everyone's attention

I wonder why when someone is feeling blue
And they don't know what to do
Our words of encouragement seem so few

I wonder why we will listen to lies
Quicker than we will listen to the truth
Even though we have seen the pain
And heard the cries.

I wonder why we pick our friends and encircle them
And never stretch out our hands to others
But on Sunday morning
"What A Friend We Have In JESUS" is our favorite hymn.

I wonder why when things go right
We think it is some great thing we have done
But when things go wrong we want to blame
GOD and JESUS his Holy Son

I wonder why we can't do GOD's will JESUS did
Remember Calvary's hill
Pray for GOD's guidance each day
Ask GOD to show you the way
And let your Christian light shine for others
And love them like sisters and brothers