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Charlene Vilvens

God, where are you when I need you?
Sometimes you seem so far away,
especially when I have a problem
that makes it hard for me to pray.

The world and I, we're so different
and I'm always pressured to do wrong.
When it seems like your not listening
it makes it hard for me to be strong.

O child, ye of little faith.
You have to trust me to do what I say.
I'll give you the strength to make
it through each passing day.
I would never leave you,
I'll always be there.
Only when you believe that
can you conquer lingering fears.

Sacrifice and trials
are often a heavy cross to bear,
but I sent my son to die for you
that's how much I care!
Long ago I made a promise
and to this day it's been kept.
Even though you doubted me
I was always there.
I never left!