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Connie Bratcher

Suppose we had chosen another path
Other than the one we're on -
Would we be happier and more content,
Or would we be sad and alone?
Life's choices are difficult when we're young;
There are so many ways to go.
Our human eyes can't see ahead,
So how are we to know?
We make decisions, both good and bad
As we live our lives each day -
Then wonder what we would have had,
If we'd chosen another way.
Like helpless sheep we wander,
Needing the Shepherd by our side.
The one who knows what lies ahead
Reaches out to be our guide.
Whatever path that we are on
Is where we need to be;
For our Lord meets us where we are,
And there He sets us free
To experience joy and all life's best
Within His loving fold.
Our hearts then are truly blessed
With peace that fills the soul.
So, when we begin to question "if"...
As we look back long ago,
Let us keep one thing in mind
That's important for us to know...
"Whatever might have been
Is never as good as what is,
For the choices we make apart from God
Are never as good as His"...
So, may we surrender to His control
as we walk with Him each day -
Then we can rest assured
We're on the right path
Never to wander away.