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COnnie Bratcher

So little time and so much to do -
Sometimes we're in a dither.
We wring our hands and fuss, it's true,
Then our Lord calls us - "Come hither".

As we come to Him, He gives us rest
Within our weary soul,
And we realize we do our best
When surrendered to His control.

He knows the beginning from the end
And just what lies ahead.
Our anxious heart He'll take and mend,
Giving peace and joy instead.

So, when we feel there's so little time,
And just too much to do,
Let us remember who's schedule we're on,
He'll always see us through.

He may make changes as we go along,
Removing some things that don't belong;
Correcting our priorities,
Adding a few simplicities;

For "His ways are not our ways", we are told,
And He knows what's best for our soul.
So, let us follow His schedule each day,
And trust Him to work in His perfect way.