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Helen Johnson

How could I contemplate
 life without Him,Jesus,
 my Savior, my redeemer,
 my Lord;
He brought me out of the
 darkness of sin, gave to me
 hope and my life He restored!

  His living water now flows
 all through me
 and His bread of life fills me
 when I'm tired and hungry!

  I worship and praise His
 precious name,
 so thankful that into my life
He came!

  His marvelous blessings so
 rich and so free;
He has in abundance poured
 them out upon me!

  I will worship and praise
 Him with every breath that
 I take;
I will do all He asks of
  me for His dear sake!

  When this life is finished
   and my work here is done;
 I will stand in the presence
  of God's own dear Son.

  I will kneel there before Him
  and worship His name;
And He'll tell me, "My child
 I am so glad you came! "