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Connie Bratcher

Life is given by the Creator above -
A precious gift of His great love;
To be valued, protected, kept safe and sound,
A wonderful treasure wherever it's found.

God loves His creatures, both great and small -
It grieves His heart for a sparrow to fall;
And how much more He loves you and me -
The proof is found on Mount Calvary.

What He did for us there was in His plan -
Our Lord gave his life to redeem fallen man.
Having paid such a price for our spiritual birth,
He revealed so clearly our life's worth.

We're valuable to God, it's plain to see.
He sacrificed His Son to set us free.
As we bow before Him, we're abundantly blessed,
Forgiven and cleansed, as our sin is confessed.

Through repentance and faith we're born again,
Brought into God's kingdom by His own hand.
Such peace and joy with His Spirit within,
Giving us the victory over sin.

We now have life as never before,
In the heavenly kingdom forevermore.
Thank you, Lord, for loving us so;
May we reach out that others may know

This spiritual life, so abundant and free.
Open their eyes, Lord, that they may see -
Life is so precious, and comes from Thee.