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Connie Bratcher

God's recorder is hidden from view
Recording the things we say and do.
We'll give an account to Him one day
For what we do and what we say.

Thoughts and intentions are recorded as well,
Things we may or may not tell.
All are taped on the Master's machine
To be viewed and judged on His heavenly screen.

Under conviction we see our soul within,
Apart from God and lost in sin.
Then confessing we repent, on bended knee,
To the one who died to set us free.

The tape is reversed to the very start...
God erases it all as he cleanses our heart.
A new beginning by his marvelous grace,
Equipping us fully, temptation to face.

No longer yielding to this world's charms,
We rest completely in our Savior's arms.
At times we slip and fall short of His best,
Failing to meet the trial or the test -

Again we come to our Lord in prayer,
And asking forgiveness, we find Him there,
Ready to cleanse as we seek His face -
Yes, our loving Father once again will erase...

Removing that which doesn't belong,
Replacing it with a joyful song.
Oh, may our lives be found in decent order...
When our tape is played by God's Recorder.