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Julie Carro

If you ever need me, I promise I'll be there.
For I'd rather be with you, than most anywhere.
Sharing special moments, laughter, joy, and fun,
Or remembering quiet times, spent together in the sun.

Miles won't matter, neither time, nor space...
For we will meet each other, in a delightful place.
It's not very big...but it holds a lot of love,
It's in your heart and mine, united from Above.

Each special memory, a door with a key...
To unlock the secrets of a place, that only we can see.
Any time day or night, I promise I'll be there.
Just a thought away, in all the times we've shared.

We can make-believe again, if only in our hearts...
Drift away in sweetness, of long forgotten thoughts.
Let's run through fields of clover, and laugh until we cry.
Laying on the grass, comparing castles in the sky.

We'll walk in the woods, smelling freshness of the earth.
Or remember how we marveled, at the joy of a new birth.
Let's hide away for hours and share our long lost dreams.
Of wearing pretty dresses, and becoming beauty queens.

Pillow fights and sleep-overs, staying up til dawn.
Running under sprinklers, skipping barefoot on the lawn.
The dates, the dreams, the memories, of secrets that we share.
Are hidden in a special place, tucked away with loving care.

So come with me, let's steal away, unlock the door of love.
Remembering our childhood bond, united from Above.
Just close your eyes and ponder the precious times we share,
For if you ever need me, you'll always find me there....