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Jane Smith

When everything around me seems to crowd my mind with fears
And circumstances in my life often bring unbidden tears
When the words on my lips refuse to come and I don't know what to say
The reassurance comes to me, my heart knows how to pray.

When no one understands me and I think I'm on my own
And even friends desert me and I feel so all alone
When hands refuse to fold in prayer for yet another day
The hope I have inside me is, my heart knows how to pray.

When those I love the dearest often seem to cause me pain
And even so, I know that I should learn to trust again
When clouds of doubt and darkness always want to have their way
It's then I have the peace to know, my heart knows how to pray.

When once again I realise my walk with God is dim
And wanting to repent, yet ashamed to come to Him
When prayer is dry and hard to me and seems light years away
My only consolation then, my heart knows how to pray.

When days are filled with worries, concerns and many cares
And life seems to pass you by and no one knows you're there
When all you really want to do is hide yourself away
Take courage friend for there you'll find, your heart knows how to pray.

When we will stand one day in heaven, before our blessed Lord
And wonder if He'll understand we couldn't say a word
Then on that day He'll smile at us and we'll hear Him softly say
"All is well my precious child, your heart knew how to pray".