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Portia E. Calleja

Speak to me about desperation;
I will give you hope.

Look at me with grief;
I will return a gracious smile.

Show me disbelief;
I will share with you my faith.

Tell me you're in haste;
I will urge you to calm down.

Talk to me in useless arguments;
I will answer you in silence.

Speak to me of mental torture;
I will exhibit inner peace.

Give me an account of violence;
I will recount some peaceful means.

Do me any form of abuses;
You'll see, I will still be whole.

Talk to me about being tired of living;
Just look how happy I am to be alive.

Life will always be
Choices of make or break.
Whatever I choose to do,
Whatever I choose to be,
However I choose to feel,
I make sure I take the better way.