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Connie Bratcher

Not one of us is perfect, it's plain to see,

Although we all would like to be.

We make mistakes and even sin,

And then when caught, our actions defend.

We see others do the same as we look about;

We're all so human, without a doubt.

So, may we never think of ourselves better than a brother;

For we're all on the same level with one another...

In need of God's touch from above,

Filling our hearts with his great love.

Whenever we see someone stumble and fall,

Let us never come down on them at all,

But point them to the Saviour who meets our need,

Ready and willing our soul to feed.

Lord, you're the only one who's perfect or ever will be,

And it's through your power that we're set free.

So, help us to be kind and not criticize,

But always see others through your eyes,

As we look beyond their weakness and sin,

To what they can be with your Spirit within.

Thank you, Lord, that we who are human can be made whole -

As you reach out in mercy and save our soul.