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Connie Bratcher

Oh, to hear those words when we see His face,
At the end of time in that glorious place.
We'll bow before Him, worshipping our King,
As we hear the host of angels sing.

A crown of righteousness awaits we're told,
For our faithfulness within the fold;
But at His feet our crown we'll cast,
When our wonderful Saviour we meet at last.

Yes, face to face we'll see Him there,
The one who died, our sins to bear.
He made the way for our spiritual birth,
And abundant life upon the earth.

As we enter into glory with our merciful King,
Along with the angels we'll eternally sing...
Praises to His name for His marvelous grace,
Enabling us to enter His Holy Place -

And as faithful servants who've received God's Son,
We'll hear his voice say to us..."Well Done".