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Author Unknown

It matters not what path we take,

The high road or the low,

Our heavenly Father is always there

Wherever we may go.

Whatever turn we make in life -

To the left or to the right,

However far we venture out,

We're still within His sight.

If we ascend into the heavens,

There our Lord will be.

If we make our bed in hell,

His grieving Heart shall see.

His eye is on the sparrow,

He takes note if it should fall;

And how much more He cares for us

Who respond to His gentle call.

Under His Wings we're sheltered,

While held within His Hand;

His grace and power enabling us

Temptation to withstand.

A friend closer than a brother,

Our burdens all to bear -

Such a tender, loving Shepherd,

Yes, "He's Always There".