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Author Unknown

I've seen the light and it's in you
in everything you are
and in everything you do.

It's a perfect light
That shines for all to see
That shines so bright
And has pierced the heart of me.

The light is from a friend
It's a light that keeps me warm
It lets me know how loved I am
And keeps me safe from harm.

To you my friend I am thankful
In each and every way
For you lift my spirits up
With every passing day.

To know that you
are there for me
It makes me feel alive
it is your friendship's light
Upon which my love thrives.

So thank you isn't good enough
They are the only words I know
It is your light of friendship
That gives my world it's glow.

Thanks for sharing
your light with me
For it is the simple
things in life that are
truly unforgettable.