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Margaret E. Sagster

God, give me back the simple faith
that I so long have clung to.
My simple faith in peace and hope,
in loveliness and light-
Because without this faith of mine,
the rhythms I have sung to
Become as empty as the sky
upon a starless night.

God, let me feel that right is right,
that reason dwells with reason,
And let me feel that something grows
whenever there is rain-
And let me sense the splendid truth
that season follows season-
And let me dare to dream
that there is tenderness in pain.

God, give me back my simple faith
because my sould is straying
Away from all the little creeds
that I so long have known;
Oh, answer me while still I have
at least the strength for praying.
For if the prayer dies from my heart
I will be quite alone.