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Grace E. Easley

Everywhere I look I find
Some wondrous handiwork of Thine.
Every single day I see
Some lovely thing You've given me.
My heart almost overflows,
At the sight of velvet rose.
Lacy fern, and birds that sing,
Lord, You give me everything.

As the early morning breeze
Softly stirs through leafy trees,
Comes the dawn all steeped in gold,
More than my two arms can hold.
Silver stars throghout the night,
Purple shadows, pale moonlight,
Turn my thoughts again to Thee,
Lord, I fear you're spoiling me.

Everywhere I look I find
Beauty of the richest kind,
Little joys throughout the day,
Almost take my breath away.
How very precious I must be,
That You should have such love for me.
And in each cranny, smallest nook,
I find You, everywhere I look.