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Grace E. Easley

When life starts to get you down,
Smile away that gloomy frown.
If you stumble now and then,
Get right up and start again.

You can have a sunny day
Even if the clouds are grey.
It all depends upon your view
Which way the world appears to you.

When you're tired of phony folks,
Check your wheels and mend your spokes,
Get your wagon rolling where
Hearts are warm and people care.

Waste not hours, months and years
On bitterness and foolish tears.
You're fashioned from a master plan
Designed when God created man.

There's more to you tha meets the eye,
They only fail who never try,
Make your life a microscope
To magnify each joy and hope.

Square your shoulders, lift your chin,
Toss your troubles to the wind,
And the blessings you receive
...Even you will not believe.