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Laina Owen

It's not the great things in this world
That make our lives worthwhile,
It's the little things like a tiny flower
Or perhaps a baby's smile.

A little word sincerely spoken,
Can lift our spirits high;
Like a tiny bird perched on a limb
Sends his message to the sky.

A little dewdrop on a rose
And tiny blades of grass,
All sparkle in the sunlight,
To cheer us as we pass.

The lovely johnny jumpups,
The smallest flower that grows,
Delight the heart of youngsters
Peeping up around their toes.

A friendly gesture or a smile
Mean more to me than gold.
THey help us feel that someone cares
When we are growing old.

Money cannot buy the things
THat mean so much to me,
They are part of God's creation,
And all of them are free.