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Grace E. Easley

For every sorrow you bestow,
You also send a sweetness.
Diluting each and every pain,
By Your dear Love's completeness.
You always keep reminding me,
As long as each man lives,
That while one hand may take away,
Your other hand always gives.

For every rock that cuts my foot,
You move a stone away,
And when life asks too much,
You find a price that I can pay.
When my cries are loudest,
And seem to no avail,
And walls rise up to block my path,
You blaze another trail.

Each time my heart grows weary,
You send your blessed peace,
And when my boat is tempest-tossed,
You bid the storm to cease.
So side by side we walk along,
My Lord and dearest Friend,
For every cross I carry,
You lift the other end.