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Jaye Lewis

There's a feeling deep inside me
That I, somehow can't express.
It chokes me to my very soul,
With utter loneliness.

How must my Father feel, each day;
As I cast His hand aside?
His gentle hand, that comforts me
Like the gently, rolling tide.

Sometimes I get so busy,
As I race from place to place;
I forget that I can rest in Him
And contemplate His face.

For, I see His face in everything,
And in all I hope to do.
I, even, see His precious face,
Each time I look at you.

I wonder how He feels, when I
Spend days without a care,
And does He shed a tear, when I
Forget to kneel in prayer?

Perhaps when I feel lonely,
And I don't know where to start,
I could bend my knees, and bow my head
And learn my Father's heart.