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Grace E. Easley

Life, you cannot ever tempt me,
With your glamour and your glow,
You are but a pale distraction,
And I still have far to go.
I have seen your different faces,
Heard your many tones of voice,
But how I live depends on me,
Because I have a choice.

Life, your arms are cold and empty,
And your words do not ring true,
I have found a gentle Master,
Who loves me more than you.
I have done with foolish yearnings
For the things I cannot keep,
No more years of senseless searching,
No more crying in my sleep.

I have scars to show my failings,
And the wrong turns that I took,
Only God did not forsake me,
Though the very mountains shook.
And when my days are over,
And all the shadows dim,
I'll close my eyes and take His hand,
...And leave the rest to Him.