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Joseph Ferrara

Snowflakes are swirling round and round,
As they silently fall and kiss the ground,
I stand there quietly in the wintry chill,
My heart races wildly but my feet are still.

I stare at the ground being covered by snow,
Shivering in the wind as it constantly blows,
Mother Nature is painting a wild creation,
Which is humanly impossible of duplication.

The world's largest masterpiece is well under way,
This artistic creation usually takes but a day,
It will likely be done before darkness of night,
Only one color is used which is snowflake white,

Other colors of nature will naturally blend
To add to her beauty as the snow descends,
This painting is priceless yet cannot be sold,
It is freely in sight for the world to behold.

Come morning the sun will rise on a scene
Such as mortal man has never before seen,
The world's largest painting now on display,
Is a sight to behold in the sun's brillant rays.

While this picture is there, nature lovers revel,
In their minds forever are these beauties beheld,
As they enjoy this gift that fell to the ground,
Which was perfectly placed with hardly a sound.

Now the snow has completely gone,
Another season is now being born,
Bringing scenes of a different hue,
That old Mother Nature will bestow on you.