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Sancie Earman King

On bright and sunny mornings
My heart is filled with praise,
For my dear heavenly Father
Who brightens up my days!

Tho He is always with me
Whatever weather be,
When Springtime brings sweet promise,
His joy made known to me!

I love to hear the songbirds
When they are on the wing,
And when they're near my window,
Such solace do they bring.

Yes, early in the morning
When grass is wet with dew,
"Tis then I feel uplifted
"tis then I feel renewed!

So when I greet the dawning
My soul is filled with awe,
For Thee my heavenly Father,
Who heeds my every call!

My own dear heavenly Father
Tho dark or bright above,
My heart goes on rejoicing,
For radiant is Thy love!