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Reecca J. Rogers

Today I stopped, dear Lord, to think
Of all the things You've done;
Of all the tears You've dried for me
And all the battles won.

Of all the times my head hung low
Without a friend to care,
Now looking back, I clearly see
That You were always there.

You've heard my prayers, when no one knew
The pain I felt inside,
So many times, no words would come
And I just knelt and cried.

Sometimes it would be easy, Lord,
To give in to defeat,
To let old Satan have his way,
Admitting I am beat.

But womewhere deep inside of me
I hear Your gentle voice,
That circumstance is not excuse
And victory is a choice!

Lord, one more thing I ask of You,
As I go on my way,
That all the love and blessings sent
I may, somehow, repay.

May those I meet, wherver I go,
See Christ in all I do
And may all my deeds and all my ways
Say, Lord, how much I love You!