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Grace E. Easley

Be satisfied with what you have,
Thank God for what is yours,
The Lord walks close beside you,
As long as time endures.
The bitter disappointments,
He will gently brush away,
His loving arms will hold you close,
Forever and a day.

You need not ever worry
That He will not understand,
Or that He'll push you from Him,
With a cold and careless hand.
For He knows our deepest longings,
And the tears we try to hide,
And His love is deep and lasting
And His arms are open wide.

Be satisfied though you may walk
The narrow way alone,
God's love for you does far surpass
All human love you've known.
You must believe that you are very
Special in His sight
And trust He will not ever let
You stray from what is right.

In spite of all you may desire,
The dear Lord knows what's best
And through our weakest moments,
He helps us pass the test.
"To err is only human,
But to forgive, divine"...
And in God's heart, forgiveness,
...Is exactly what we find.