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Michael Dubina

Be a heart of love and kindness
As you journey through the earth
And, forever, know the blessings
That endear a Christian's worth;
And, forever, know the rapture
Of contentment and embrace
In the loving arms of Jesus
And the glories of His Grace.

Be a giver of His Goodnes,
On each path and road you trod,
And a sharer of the fortunes
That were willed to you by God;
Let there never be a moment
That is stained by hate or greed
Or a moment's hesitation
To fulfill a neighbor's need.

Live and love with Christian virtues
That are glorified, above,
And a heart of God's compassions
That attest to Christian love;
You will reap the joys of Heaven
For your cares to human strife
When you find the Lord in waiting,
On your final road of life.