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Phyllis C. Michael

Sometimes life brings a lamp of gold
And puts it in our hands to hold;
Sometimes she brings a step toward fame
And leaves it somewhere near our name;
Sometimes she brings true love to share
With someone who was waiting there;
Sometimes she brings us strength anew
To finish tasks that we must do.

But greatest of the gifts she brings
A heart within that always sings
No matter what its fate may be,
A heart that's glad, a heart that's free,
A heart that knows if raindrops fall
The marigolds will then grow tall,
A heart that takes what comes each day
And makes the most of it some way,
Content to feel a Higher Power
Rules over every single hour,
A heart that knows as time goes by
It must not ask just how or why
When life walks swiftly by its door
And gives a fellow traveler more,
A heart trat knows some good shall come
Not as it seemed to come to some
But slowly , surely from above,
In God's own time by His own love.