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Sandra Town Lytle

Oh Lord, I love these peaceful hours
That come to us each morn.
When all the world is hushed and still,
My faith anew is born.

For it is in the quiet times
My thought will turn to You
In thankfulness and praise for all
The special things You do.

Throughout the day I tend to get
Wrapped in a cloak of care
Caught up in worries, filled with doubts
Forgetting You are there.

Oh, would that I would set aside
A "rpayer break" every day
To lift my spirits, for I know
You're just a prayer away.

I vow to set aside each night
A special time with You.
But when the pillow meets my head,
I bid the world adieu.

So, once again, I call on You,
The first thing every morn,
To offer thanks for yesterday
And as this new day's born.

Remind me, Lord, to take a break.
Ad spend some time in prayer,
For You're the best friend I shall know,
And always ever, there.