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Grace E. Easley

He knows my needs before I do,
He's always been that way.
He walks before me just to clear
The stones out of the way.
He hears my faintes whisper,
Ad sees my smallest tear,
And He tells me there's a reason
As to why He put me here.

H knows my faults and failings,
And the times that I complain,
My trials and tribulations,
And the plans that were in vain.
But He says this doesn't matter,
And it all will pass away,
That I've ol but to trust Him,
For He made me out of clay.

So I take the bits and pieces,
Of this life I've come to know,
And I tell Him "All for Jesus,"
...As I did so long ago.
And I feel my burden lifted,
And I know that comes what may,
His love for me is endless,
And He's always been that way!