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Grace E. Easley

He leadeth me across the years,
I watch each one depart,
Filled with a gladness when I see
His footprints on my heart.
I place my hand within His own,
And feel that I have wings,
He's given me the rainbow,
And now a soul that sings.

He leadeth me down every path,
And I am not afraid.
He loves me, even knowing
The mistakes that I have made.
He teaches me what pure delight
We find the more we give,
And that to be unselfish,
Is the only way to live.

He leadeth me from dawn to dusk,
As seasons come and go.
He is my guide to inner peace,
And everything I know.
A little shadow of Himself
Is what I've come to be.
Always safe and warm because
...THe dear Lord leadeth me.