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Grace E. Easley

I heard His voice within my heart,
So very long ago,
I didn't question who He was,
Because I seemed to know.
His tones were soft and gentle,
Upon my listening ear
But strong and never-fading,
Throughout each passing year.

I heard His voice when I was sad,
And felt I was alone,
He proved to me how much He cared,
And said I was His own.
He taught me how to give and give,
'Til I had nothing left,
And that I must discover Him,
...Before I found myself.

I heard His voice when I was tired,
And searched in vain for sleep,
When I was happy, and it seemed
The world was mine to keep.
And through the times when I rebelled,
His patience knew no end,
To what great lengths He went, to prove
He was my dearest Friend.

No matter when I call to Him,
He's never failed to hear,
He won't lose or misplace me,
Of that I have no fear.
For with my arms about Him,
As tight as I con hold,
I keep saying "Here I a, Lord!"
...From the bottom of my soul.