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Kay Hoffman

Give me a spirit sweet, dear Lord,
As I go about my day,
That I would be a blessing glad
To someone on life's way.

Let no small pettiness of mine
Keep me from doing good,
To help where there;s a need and love
My neighbor as I should.

When I would seek my will, not Yours,
Speak to my heart anew;
Give me a vision clear, dear Lord,
Of what You'd have me do.

Please grant to me the strength that I need
To stand for right and good,
Rememb'ring that we all should strive
To do the things You would.

Lord, let me not be boastful of
Some good that I have done,
But keep me ever mindful that
From You my blessings come.

I do not ask for riches grand,
Nor skies forever fair;
A closer walk with You, dear Lord,
This is my daily prayer.