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Grace E. Easley

There is a happiness in me
Which lives in spite of all
The days of pain and misery
That sometimes I recall.
A little joy whose roots are deep,
And keep on holding-on,
And even through the times I weep,
...Are solid as a stone.

There is a happiness in me
That's near to having wings,
And I'm convinced it's sure to be
Each time my Angel sings.
Sometimes I feel it's not enough,
This meager bit I give,
And that this life so cold and rough
...Is not where I should live.

I hunger for a different kind
Of place than I have been,
Not comprehended by the mind,
With not a single sin
To mar its pure perfection,
Detract from all it is,
And so in that direction,
...My feet must follow His.

Because this happiness in me
Was planted long ago,
To shield me from the thing to be,
While I remain below,
God cut my earth-bound moorings,
And granted I should be
Attuned to Heaven's voices, through
...This happiness in me.