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Patty Zink

Please don't turn and walk away
Can't you help me find a way.
Isn't there anyone who will stand and fight
As I push away with all my might.

I'm trying hard to win this battle with my mind
It's peace I yearn to find.
I know sometimes I'm hard to understand
But please just take my hand.

Why is it that no one can really look and see
What all of this has done to me.
Look past all of my smiles and all my lies
Listen with your heart, hear my cries.

Pull me back from this dark and lonely hell
I need some help can't you tell?
I want so bad to just let go, fly away
And not face another day.

Yet there's still some life in me trying to win
It tries so hard again and again.
That one spark though is falling away fast
I'm afraid it's losing, it can't last.

I need someone to knock down this wall
Before I turn and take that fall.
The truth is I'm scared of what I'm thinking
I'm beginning to go, I'm sinking.

Can you please help that little spark
Find it's way out of the dark.
Please don't turn and walk away
Can't you find me someway.