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Author Unknown

If the sky above seems cloudy
And you are left out in the rain
If you are searching for a rainbow
But the colors bring you pain

If your world is not revolving
And there is no end in sight
If you are looking for the sunshine
But all you see is night

If all around are smiling
But all you can do is frown
If you are tired of all this living
When life just brings you down

Then look beyond your teardrops
At the wonders of this land
The beauty of a flower
Like velvet in your hand.

Feel the air around you
The smell of new mown hay
Laughing children in the park
The innocence there at play

Imagine floating with a butterfly
As she flutters between the trees
Or the whispers of the ocean
On warm hot summer's breeze

Think of the taste of candy floss
As it melts upon your tongue
Or the melody of morning birds
As they greet each day with song

Remember words of beauty
Told in your mother's embrace
Feel the gentleness of her touch
As she softly kissed your face

Seek the good within you
Cast the clouds from your sky
Don't look toward the pavement
But hold your head up high

Think not what life owes you
But of all you have to give
Forget about tomorrow
Then you can start to live.

So Bless this age your are living in
With the gifts you can bestow
Don't disregard the stream of life
Go gently with the flow