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Linda Oliver

He sat behind the wheel
Of his old '57 chevy
Contemplating suicide
Headed for the levee

He could see the river
From his car up on the ridge
Danger signs were posted
Where once there was a bridge

Jesse had been drinking
His mind was so unclear
But alcohol would help him
To overcome the fear

His life had not been easy
Too harsh to understand
The only love he'd known
Was the back of daddy's hand

Mom had left him years ago
She never really cared
That he was just a little boy
Small, alone and scared

He grew up the hard way
Knowing only pain and strife
Tonight all would be over
When Jesse took his life

As he started up the engine
There flashed a brilliant light
Wiping tears away he saw
Someone robed in white

Jesse this is Jesus
I come to bring you life
I love you and I'm here for you
To end your pain and strife

Give Me your wounded heart
And let go of the past
In Me you will find healing
For My love will always last

Tonight Jesse came to Jesus
Praise be to God above
For Jesus came to Jesse
And built a bridge of love