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Reatha Crow

If you need my help come and talk to me.

But before you ask,

you need to change your attitude.

Every one needs help

at some point in their life.

If you can't make it on your own

don't be to proud to take advice.

you still need to learn

that words can hurt so much,

and there usually comes a time

when you would like to take them back,

but it may be to late.

You can't turn back time.

It's a wise man indeed

who thinks before he speaks.

Don't let anger take control,

take time out to think.

Don't be to quick to judge another

unless you've walked in their shoes.

if you had lived their life

would you not be a different you?

Don't expect to get back

more than you give.

It's not about money,

It's about the way you live.

If you have some one

who's always there for you,

then you should count your blessings

and change your attitude.