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Marie Williams

Feeling as if her heart would break,
Stinging words, they had lashed out.
The tears she held, so deep within,
Revealed her anguish and doubt.

They cut as if a two-edged sword.
She fought the emotions within.
But, in the recesses of her mind,
Words echoed time and again.

In the stillness of the night,
She knelt to voice her plea.
Within her soul, she plainly heard,
"Fear not, because He sees."

He knows your deepest heartaches.
Unnoticed? Not even one.
He's interceding for you,
For, you see, He's God's own Son.

There's nothing that could be hidden.
All things lay before Him bare.
Toss your burdens on the Lord.
He loves you and He cares.

Choose to walk in love and joy.
Let your heart be filled with peace.
All your pain will soon recede,
Just remember that He sees.