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Judith A. Underwood

I strolled through the land of the mountains
Where the trees are fruitful and green;
I stood at the edge of the hillside
Where the air is refreshing and clean.

I sat in the world of the forest
In the shade of the towering limb;
I looked to the God in the heavens
And felt so devoted to Him.

I drank of the bubbling water
Which rushed down the earth with a tune,
And I watched Mother Nature in action
Till the rise of the soft, pallid moon.

I slept in a bed of wild flowers
And awoke with the rise of the sun;
I bathed in the cool, flowing waters
And felt so delightfully young.

Yes, I lived in the land of the mountains:
The foundation is rugged and hard,
And I felt as I reached to the heavens
That I touched the fingers of God.