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Karen Stepp

I believe when You extend Your hand with a smile
And tell me it's time to walk my last mile...
Well, I've read the last chapter...I know how it ends.
I'm just going out in style with my friend.

As I last shut these eyes, You'll open them there
And I'll see my loved ones bestowed in Your care.
Grandma and Grandpa, my brother and Dad
Will rejoice and give me a hug...we'll all be so glad.

And there all my brothers and sisters in Christ
Will know and love one another in Heavenly life.
You'll give us a home, the Father's mansions we'll share
With music and joy and great love in the air.

With Your rainbow in sight and Your love and Your might
...Then that's where I want to be...
Cause I thank You, Lord Jesus... You did this for me.
If not for the cross, we all would be lost.

Praise You Lord for loving me.