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Connie Bratcher

God never promised there'd be no trouble-

No hardship for you and me,

But He promised to always be with us

Whatever the trial may be.

He never promised sunshine only-

Freedom from storms and rain,

But He promised the difficult times

Would work for our spiritual gain.

He promised to be our Shelter,

And cover us with His hand;

The Rock upon which our feet are planted-

Stability in a weary land.

He promised to be our Light in darkness,

And guide our steps each day;

Our tender loving Comforter

When heartaches come our way.

He promised to be our Teacher,

Revealing His will and plan,

Teaching us to trust Him

When we fail to understand.

The lessons we learn through suffering

Qualify us for the Highest Degree,

As we become more like Jesus-

Prepared for eternity.