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Connie Bratcher

Sometimes we talk too much

To hear what God would say.

Other times we're preoccupied

With activities of the day.

Oh, how we need to just be quiet,

And listen with our hearts

To what the Holy Spirit speaks-

The truth that He imparts.

He speaks to us through nature,

Where we see His mighty hand.

He speaks through our circumstances,

And through our fellowman.

Through a still small voice within,

We hear what He would say,

As we look to Him for guidance,

Along our pilgrim way.

But, we need to always examine

That which we have heard,

Making sure it's in accordance

With His Holy Written Word-

For God never directs contrary

To what is written there.

The law He gave so long ago

Still applies to all everywhere.

Father, thank You that as we listen,

Your Spirit leads us right,

Impressing the message on our Hearts

That's written in black and white.