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Vickie Lambdin

A million stars up in the skies;
God made them everyone.
He put the twinkle in their eyes,
And gave sunshine to the sun.

He painted the colors of the rainbow;
And gave raindrops to the rain,
He gave each flower it's own design,
Then He gave each one a name.

He gave each bird a song to sing;
And He gave the moon it's golden ring,
Then, He gave Mother Nature birth,
To beautify, and cleanse the Earth.

He gave us Life, so we could live;
He sent forgiveness, to forgive.
He gave the morning, it's morning dew,
Then kissed the sky with shades of blue.

God made all things for us to treasure;
Then sent us love, beyond all measure,
So, when you look around, you'll see;
"God made all things, for you, and me."