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Genuine Safe Haven

Welcome to Genuine Safe Haven's Home Page. This website is here so that we can share God with the world. God is our special friend: loving us as we are, forgiving us when we repent, guiding us through every minute of every day, and providing us with all we need.

We want everyone to know our special friend because when all else is gone He is still there. He will never forsake anyone who allows Him to reside in their heart.


On the pages in this site you will find devotionals, poems, proverbs, stories, and much more.

A special part of this site will deal with friendship. There will be a section set up for pen pals. Anyone from throughout the world wishing to have a christian pen pal can submit the information requested and it will be posted on this site. Individuals will then have an oppurtunity to corresspond with people from all over.

There will be pages for children and teens. They to will have an oppurtunity to share their faith and make new friends.

Another part of this website will have links to other christian sites, christian resources, and other family oriented sites.

My name is Wanda: "You are unique because no one is just like you. God thinks you're special and so do I."
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My name is Ronald: "I have experienced the blessings of God and pray for you to have the same. God bless each and every one of you."
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My name is Sandy: "I, too, have a personal relationship with this Prince of peace called Jesus Christ. It is he, and He alone, who makes it possible for us to come to the Father. If you do not know Christ, you are missing out on blessings in this life, as well as life in eternity. My prayer is that you will ask Christ into your heart today. Perhaps, you are a Christian, who is afraid to stand for your faith. You love Jesus, but are not sure what others will think of you if you speak out for Him. At the end of this message, you will find an original proverb, which I hope, will be an encouragement to you. We must remember that God has placed each of us here for a purpose; that purpose is to be lights in a dark world. We are left in the world, to live right, and win the world."
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