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Author Unknown

Attend carefully to details.

Be prompt in all things.

Consider well then decide positively.

Dare to do right, fear to do wrong.

Endure trials patiently yet courageously.

Fight life's battles bravely.

Govern yourself by righteous principles.

Hope for the best from all around you.

Injure not another's reputation.

Join hands only with the virtuous.

Keep your mind free from evil thought.

Lie not for any consideration.

Make the best of your present setup.

Never try to appear what you are not.

Observe more and talk less.

Pay your obligations promptly.

Quench not your vision of obtainment.

Respect the counsel of the godly.

Sacrifice money, never principles.

Touch not, taste not, handle not intoxicants.

Use your leisure for improvement.

Venture not from paths of righteousness.

Watch carefully over your passions.

X-tend to everyone a kindly greeting.

Yield not to discouragement.

Zealously labor for right and truth.