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Author Unknown

Now just the other day I overheard a flower talking to the sky He said you know that I would be nothing without You, oh, oh He said you give me rain, you give the sun a place to shine You're everything that my whole existence comes down to, oh, oh And then the flower started singing a song Before I knew it I was singing along And we sang.

This is my declaration of dependence
This is my declaration of my need
This is my declaration of dependence
On the one who gave His life to me

Now, let me say that I'm the kind of guy who wants to do it all myself Don't want to ask for help, don't like to stop for directions, oh, oh But in reality I'm nothing on my own It's by God's grace alone that I can make this confession All that I am and all I'm hoping to be Is all and only what He's given to me So I say.

And I know this is how my life was meant to be
I was made for this dependency
On the one who has created me
So I'll sing my declaration song
For the one I am depending on
And I hope you'll sing along

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